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The Center for Educational Partnerships

The Center for Educational Partnerships' (CEP) mission is to provide educational extension services to schools, families and communities in South Carolina that facilitate collaboration among diverse education stakeholders, leverage existing resources and build local capacity to improve student achievement in South Carolina’s K-12 schools. A critical part of that mission is to collaborate with schools to meet the educational needs of communities. The Center for Educational Partnerships recently published an Index of Partnerships that outlines the many vital collaborations between taking place within schools, districts and agencies across the state. As you will see, our work is far reaching – the University of SC College of Education has at least one partnership with nearly 20% of schools and 73% of districts in South Carolina. Please take a moment to review the new Index of Partnerships to gain awareness of the collaborations taking place!

The CEP at the University of South Carolina’s College of Education is a consortium of five core education programs and initiatives. Together with additional affiliate organizations, we carry on our mission to encourage, facilitate and participate in partnerships that support and sustain quality K-12 education in South Carolina. The Center for Educational Partnerships was created pursuant to a proviso to the SC General Appropriations Bill of 2013-2014 (H.3710, Proviso 1A.52).

Our core membership consists of:

Affiliate members:

Congratulations, Dr. Burkett!

Dr. Chris Burkett, Director of the South Carolina Middle Grades Initiative, was presented with the Dr. Randy Wall Distinguished Service Award at the South Carolina Association of Middle Level Educators (SCAMLE) in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Dr. Chris Burkett, Director of the South Carolina Middle Grades Initiative

Dr. Chris Burkett, Director of the South Carolina Middle Grades Initiative



Carolina TIP

Designed to build a bridge between the university and the classroom, Carolina TIP provides support in clinical application of pedagogical theory to the novice teacher in partnership with districts/schools with the purpose of positively impacting student learning, teacher efficacy and retention.

Carolina TIP

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