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Publications and Media

The following references link to publications and multimedia resources produced by CEP partners, affiliates and other organizations on a broad range of topics within the CEP focus areas of professional development, engagement, and research and policy.

Lesson Plans and Curriculum


Dawson, J. and J. T. Mitchell. 2017. “Bitter Sweets: Mapping Pineapples, Hospitality, and Slavery.” The Geography Teacher. 14 (3): 118-129 (PDF).

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Journal Articles, Conference Proceedings, and other Academic Publications


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Other Academic Publications

Tran, H., & Smith, D. A. (2020). What Matters Most for Recruiting Teachers to Rural Hard-to-Staff Districts: A Mixed Methods Analysis of Employment-Related Conditions. American Journal of Education, 126(3), 447-481.

Tran, H., & Smith, D. (2019). Insufficient money and inadequate respect: What obstructs the recruitment of college students to teach in hard-to-staff schools. Journal of Educational Administration, 57(2), 152-166.

Tran, H., Smith, D. A., & Fox, E. C. (2018). Perspectives of potential and current teachers for rural teacher recruitment and retention. Center for Innovation in Higher Education report, available at: www. usccihe. org/s/SC-Teacher-Perspectives-on-RRI-Final-Draft-rev2. pdf.

Research and Policy Briefs

Hodges, T., Roy, G. J. Teacher Induction in South Carolina: Proposed Practices for Sustained and Viable Partnerships. Center for Educational Partnerships, College of Education, University of South Carolina (PDF).

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